December 6, 2019

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My name is JoAnn Boston and I am the Market Development Manager for Crown Mats and Matting and Crown Dog Agility Mats.   Crown manufactures matting products for commercial, industrial and specialty applications.  Our dog sports mats are manufactured from foam which is the the same foam used in anti-fatigue matting in the work place.  Zedlan foam is our patented foam technology that is used in Comfort King Agility mats and has proven extremely beneficial to dogs and handlers who participate in agility, flyball and obedience training.  It is the premier flooring option for dog training facilities.

This blog is dedicated to dog sports trainers, handlers, and of course, canine athletes.  My goal is to provide information and tools to help trainers identify the best matting product for their specific application.  It is with this spirit of sharing that we developed a page for you to submit your own experience with matting products used in dog sports.   Photos of your athlete in action are welcome.  Feel free to contact me at or at 1-800-628-5462 ext 2268.

Why a blog dedicated to dog sports matting?

When I first came to Crown Mats I found very little information available on matting products for dog sports.   The information was scattered across different blogs and user groups and was difficult to find.  The best information available was written by Clean Run Magazine, in an articled titled Under Foot A Look at Indoor Agility Flooring.   In this article, Clean Run compares various flooring options and offered testimonials from individuals who had purchased specific products.   Clean Run choose our Comfort King Agility product as flooring  for their training facility in South Hadley, MA.

As a an avid dog enthusiast, and a Market and Product Development professional,  I was particularly interested in information regarding the benefits of anti-fatigue matting for dogs who participated in dog sports.  I wanted to know more about how effective matting products were at protecting dogs as well as improving performance.   Finding little information,  I turned to our customers to learn from their experiences.  What I discovered was that matting products have played a significant role in the development of dog sports.  With matting, agility and flyball could be practiced at indoor facilities regardless of the climate;  in extreme heat or cold.   Performance has also improved as new mats have been developed specifically for dog sports.  These mats have superior slip resistance, provide excellent traction for dogs for both jumping and turning and practically eliminated slipping and pad burns caused by other surfaces.   Racing times are faster than ever before.  I also learned that selecting a flooring option for a training facility was one of the most important business decisions our customers made.  It was also one of their largest capital expenditures.

It is in the spirit of sharing information about dog sports matting that I have created this blog.  I hope it will be a valuable resource to all who are interested in dog sports and you will share your sports matting stories with us so we can all benefit from your experiences.

About Crown Mats.

For more than 60 years Crown has been a pioneer in the development and production of matting products and offers the most diverse matting product line in the industry.  Crown invented the first walk off mat nearly 60 years ago and holds a patent on Zedlan used in Comfort King Agility mats.  Crown was one of the first companies to work with dog clubs to develop an anti-fatigue mat for dog sports.   Our agility mats offers a solution to solving the most pressing problems dogs encounter when competing in dog sports including;  pad burn, traction, fatigue, injury and performance.  Our Comfort King Agility is a high-energy sponge that is highly resilient and provides maximum comfort for canines and handlers.  The difference is revolutionary and means:

  • Extra bounce that reduces stress on dogs joints
  • Superior slip resistance that provides excellent traction and significantly reduces and usually eliminates pad burns
  • Greater softness that reduces the impact on dog’s forelegs, shoulders and back
  • Reduced stress on legs and back

Other products in our Dog Sports Matting Collection include: Tuff Spun, designed for flyball, dog shows, obedience facilities, training, day care centers and kennels and Doggy Clean mats, a maintenance free product designed to keep mud and dirt off of floors and dogs paws.

Contact Crown at:

Crown Mats & Matting,  Dog Agility Mats

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